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CAPEXIL Registration

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What is CAPEXIL Certificate?

In India, the chemical sector is extending daily and delivers more than 80,000 different types of chemical goods. India is quickly surpassing China as the third-largest producer of chemicals in Asia, and the broad range of chemicals made there can be divided into three categories: basic chemicals, specialty use chemicals, and agricultural chemicals.

CAPEXIL promotes multiple chemical products in India and has more than 3500 members. Like other export councils, CAPEXIL aids exporters and confronts many marketing endeavors, including sending trade brokers to developed and developing countries worldwide and establishing trade delegations to these markets.


What is CAPEXIL Certificate Regulations?

To facilitate the export of Chemical & Allied Products from India, its Ministry of Commerce established CAPEXIL, also known as the Chemical & Allied Export Promotion Council, in March 1958. The CAPEXIL Certificate’s immediate goal is to allow chemical product exporters to promote the export of chemicals and affiliated goods to various foreign markets. The chemical and associated goods industry systematizes all the businesses and facilities that generate chemicals. Due to the many essential chemicals for day-to-day life, the chemical industry is one of the fundamentals of modern life.


The Salient Features of the Certificate

  • It acts as a middleman to establish commercial connections between Indian and foreign exporters to supply two-way services as a facilitator of global trade;
  • By being conscious of all aspects of international trade and assisting the Indian business community to increase exports and maintain a top position internationally;
  • The council intends to adopt several promotional motions to advance or promote India’s export.


What is Eligibility for CAPEXIL Certificate?

Membership in the council is categorized into two, which you may see below:

  • Associate Membership: A person must have an Import Export Code (IEC) Number from the DGFT office of the Government of India to be ready for these memberships.
  • Ordinary Membership: Any person who meets the conditions may enter the council as an average member.


Note: The person mentioned above or the institution must have been an associate member for at least three years. In the case of small-scale industries, the person or the organization they represent should have had an annual average export commission of most nominal Rs. 10 lakhs and most nominal Rs. 25 lakhs, respectively.


What is Benefits to Capexil Certificate?

The following edges are provided by the council to registered CAPEXIL members:

  • Quality Service: Access to the most qualified officer dedicated to exceptional service is e available.
  • MDA (Market Development Assistance): A registered trader member may receive Market Development Assistance through a CAPEXIL Certificate to boost and extend the nation’s export commerce.
  • Statistics: The most recent statistics on India’s exports and imports are available to CAPEXIL members. The registered trader or member can acquire information on the exports & importance of a wide variety of goods worldwide.
  • Filing of Export Reports: The council informs exports monthly or quarterly.
  • Export Returns Filing: The Council assists with submitting monthly and quarterly export returns.
  • Buyer-Seller Meets: Council members can also participate in CAPEXIL’s buyer-seller meets, scheduling seminars and national workshops.
  • Subscribe to Trade Leads: An registered trader can get an email with a link to subscribe.
  • Visa Assistance: The Chemical and Allied Export Promotion Council presents visa assistance for business trips abroad.
  • Exporter’s HUB: The CAPXIL exporter’s HUB is an information outlet and an aid system for exporters.
  • Trade and Policy Interface: It also serves as a channel for communication between members and the government on trade and policy issues.


What is CAPEXIL Certificate Products?

  • Vehicles’ tires and tubes.
  • Glassware and Glass.
  • Publications, books, and printing.
  • Gelatin and Ossein.
  • Products allied to plywood.
  • Explosives and products made of graphite.
  • Minerals in bulk and ORES.
  • Mineral processing.
  • Natural products, such as stones.
  • Zoological byproducts.
  • Refractories and related products made of ceramic;
  • Painting supplies, printing ink, and related items;
  • Rubber-based goods;
  • Clinkers, cement, and products containing asbestos;
  • Other different Products.


What are the Documents Required for CAPEXIL Certificate?

The following essential papers must be scanned and uploaded by the applicant to get a CAPEXIL Certificate:

  • The Licensing Authority’s IEC (Import Export Code).
  • PAN Card.
  • Industrial or Manufacturing License from the LA (Licensing Authority).
  • Stating on their behalf that they are not on any government agency’s or department’s denylist.
  • CA’s Certificate signifies domestic or export turnover of CAPEXIL’s outcomes for the past two years.
  • If available, a copy of the export house certificate.
  • A copy of a canceled check showing the bank name and account number.
  • Certificate for GST.


What is CAPEXIL Certificate Process?

Traders that want to receive a CAPEXIL Certificate must adhere to the following rules:

  • New User Registration: To view the application data on the website, the applicant must first develop a distinctive login ID by entering the IEC (Import Export Code) Number and a minimum of the first three characters of the firm’s name. While obtaining IEC, the applicant’s name must blend with the name recorded in DGFT. The applicant must fill out the required form with the necessary information, including their PAN, company information, and import/export code number.
  • Adding Documents: After completing the previous stage, the applicant must add all crucial documents by CAPEXIL requirements. For the verification, the demanded paperwork must be submitted along with the cost needed.
  • Payment of Amount: The application price for membership registration must be delivered in DD. However, it may also be accomplished online. When all the information was submitted, an application number was developed and given to the applicant for correspondence in the future.
  • Get CAPEXIL Certificate: The CAPEXIL Certificate will be issued if all the above tasks have been successfully performed.


How Can ApkaTax Assist You?

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ApkaTax offers comprehensive support for the CAPEXIL Certificate application process, including legal assistance based on the specific priorities of our clients.

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The Chemical & Allied Export Promotion Council, is the central organization for setting the laws and limitations for importing chemicals and related goods.

EPC's job is to boost India as the top country for the export of high-quality goods and services.

The regional offices of CAPEXIL are located in Mumbai, Chennai, and Delhi, while the CAPEXIL headquarters are in Kolkata.

The Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, sponsors CAPEXIL.

It acts as a middleman to raise business ties between Indian and overseas exporters and offers two-way services to facilitate international trade.

The CHEMEXCIL council of India requires that all exporters of chemicals and their corresponding goods possess an electronic registration cum membership certificate (e-RCMC). How much does it cost to purchase CHEMEXCIL-RCMC? The cost is INR 1,500 plus 18% GST for new manufacturer exporters with no export turnover.

The Export Promotion Council's RCMC certificate enables exporters to participate in growth-oriented programs listed in the Foreign Trade Policy. Once registered, RCMC holders can take advantage of inexpensive shipping costs, no import duties on materials needed to make exportable items and smooth transportation of goods.

Registration-Cum Membership Certificate (RCMC). It verifies an exporter who deals in goods registered with a body authorized by the Indian Government.

The Department of Commerce has administrative jurisdiction over fourteen export promotion councils. In Annexure 1.2, the names and addresses of these Councils are listed. According to the Companies Act/Societies Registration Act, these Councils are registered as non-profit institutions.

Defined, RCMC is dedicated to exports, while IEC is focused on both imports and exports of products. Therefore, to conduct import and export exercises in India, both IEC and RCMC are needed. Even though RCMC wasn't required in the past, obtaining the license authorized the company to take advantage of many government incentives.

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