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Legal Metrology Registration

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What is Legal Metrology Registration Certificate?

The Legal Metrology Act of 2009 was enacted to serve as a benchmark for setting and enforcing standards governing weights and measures. Legal Metrology online registration done under Legal metrology act regulates trade and commerce in goods distributed by means of weight, measure, or numerical representation. This act is Applicable nationwide, necessitating registration, known as Legal Metrology Registration or Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity (LMPC) License. Importers of weighing and measuring instruments must undergo mandatory registration as per the Legal Metrology (General) Rules, 2011. To initiate this process, the application needs to be submitted to the Director or Controller of the Central Metrology Department in New Delhi. There are specific rules and regulations outlined in the Legal Metrology Act concerning the selling and distribution of packaged products. Compliance with this Act is essential to establish a consumer and buyer rights protection system. Failure to adhere to these norms may lead to heavy fines and punishment, negatively impacting your brand image and hindering business growth. Apkatax can further assist you in online Legal Metrology Registration. 


What is Legal Metrology Registration Obligations?

Persons and businesses engaged in the trade of commodities measured by weight, measurement, or numerical count must register under the Legal Metrology Act via online Legal Metrology Registration. This includes activities such as buying, selling, supplying, or distributing commodities using designated weights or measurement. This is applicable to various entities, including commission agents, importers, and manufacturers.


What is Legal Metrology Registration Applicability?

Legal Metrology Standards in India are defined and implemented by the Department of Consumer Affairs under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution. While the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 operates under the jurisdiction of central government, individual states in India have the right to implement the Act with or without adjustments. Some states have even formulated their own Acts to address matters related to legal metrology registration online. 

The Legal Metrology Act applies to every pre-packaged commodity, which adhere to international units of measurement for parameters such as length, mass, time, electric current, thermodynamic temperature, luminous intensity, and amount of substance. Prohibitions under the Legal Metrology Act include the manufacture, repair, sale, or offer for repair or sale of any weight or measure without a valid LMPC Certificate.


Eligibility for Legal Metrology Online Registration

A businessman or vendor needs to have the following eligibility for LMPC registration:

  • Compliance with Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities Rules: Both the proposal and goods must conform to the rules and regulations outlined in the legal metrology packaged commodities rules.
  • Submission of Documents: All necessary documents must be submitted to start the legal metrology registration process. 
  • Provision of Additional Business Licenses: Any supplementary business licenses that may be necessary for the operation of your firm must be furnished with the registration application.
  • Submission of Application: A duly completed application form should be submitted as part of the Legal Metrology online registration process.
  • Inquiry Regarding Registration Costs: A formal request for documentation pertaining to the registration costs can be made to acquire a clear understanding of the registration fees involved. 
  • Display of Mandatory Information on Package: Essential information related to product must be accurately input into the relevant sections on the package for display.


Significance of Legal Metrology Online Registration

  • Ensuring Precision in Commercial Transactions: Online Legal Metrology registration plays a crucial role in confirming the accuracy of weights and measurements employed in commercial activities and trade transactions.

  • Establishment and Maintenance of Standards: It serves the important function of establishing and maintaining standardized benchmarks for weights and measures, ensuring consistency and reliability in diverse economic transactions.
  • Regulation of Goods Production, Sale, and Utilization: Legal Metrology online registration imposes regulations on manufacturers, sellers, and users, dictating specific parameters such as weight, measure, or quantity. This regulation ensures fair and transparent practices within the marketplace.
  • Rationalization of Measurement Systems: A key objective of Legal Metrology registration online is to provide a logical justification for the adoption and adherence to the metric system, promoting uniformity and simplifying measurements in various sectors.


What is Legal Metrology Registration Rules and Regulations?

Online Legal Metrology Registration is governed by following regulations:

Section 38 Importing any weight or measure without registration may result in fines and imprisonment for repeated offenses.

Section 19 No individual can import any weight or measure without being registered with the Concerned Authority and holding a valid LMPC Certification.


What is Legal Metrology Registration Benefits?

The Legal Metrology Certificate ensures the following benefits: 

  • Reducing Technical Barriers to Trade: The Legal Metrology Act reduces technical barriers related to weights and measurements thus fostering confidence and clarity of measurement. This encourages increased participation in the global trading system at the national level, thus enhancing overall economic growth.
  • Supporting Fair Trade: The Legal Metrology certificate restricts unlawful and unfair trade practices by ensuring measuring instruments are in good working condition, meeting international standards.
  • Reduction in Transaction Costs: Accurate measurement practices, under the Legal Metrology Act result in a reduction in both cost and time. Poor measurement practices can lead to costly legal battles and loss of image for the dealer, thereby affecting business stability and goodwill.
  • Building Consumer Trust: A product verified by rules and regulations, as indicated by the LMPC certificate, boosts consumer trust in the business thus fostering healthy trading relationships.
  • Government Revenue Collection: The government collects revenue through excise duties and taxes levied on measurements. So Legal Metrology certificate ensures fairness in tax payment from the certificate holders side, particularly for mass items. This in turn, contributes significantly to export and national income.


What is Legal Metrology Registration Process?

Rule 15 of the Legal Metrology (General) Rules, 2011, defines the online Legal Metrology registration procedure. The application should be submitted through the State Controller to the Director of Legal Metrology, along with the prescribed fee, one month before import. The Controller forwards the application with a report on the importer's predecessors and technical capacities. Apkatax may assist you in Legal Metrology Online registration. Following are the steps for registration:

  • Application Submission: Gather all necessary data and compile the application for Legal Metrology registration.
  • Review by Zonal Officer: The Zonal Officer examines the application for any issues or objections.
  • Premises Inspection: If the application is correctly filed, an inspector conducts a scheduled inspection of the premises.
  • Recommendation by Inspector: The inspector offers recommendations based on the compliance status of the premises.
  • Acceptance or Rejection Status Report: The Zonal Officer submits a comprehensive report to the Assistant Controller, leading to a decision on acceptance or rejection. 
  • Compliance with LM Rules and Acts: Ensure that the packaging, weights, and measurements of products and facilities align with the provisions specified in the Legal Metrology Act and Rules.
  • Response to Regulatory Action: Address any regulatory changes or hints by timely responses, ensuring alignment with evolving legal requirements.


What are the Documents Required for Legal Metrology Registration?

For the Manufacturer

  • Photographs, identity, and address proof of the applicant/partners.
  • Copy of GST registration.
  • Copy of PAN.
  • Photograph.
  • Proof of the date of birth of the applicant/partners.
  • Ownership or tenancy document of the proposed premises.
  • Map of location.
  • No objection certificate from the pollution control board.
  • List of tools and machinery
  • Registration document of the factory/shop/establishment/municipal trade license.
  • Partnership deed (if applicable).
  • Model approval certificate issued by the Director, Legal Metrology, Government of India.
  • Affidavit stating adherence to legal provisions.
  • Affidavit stating no criminal record.

For the Repairer

  • Identity proof.
  • Certificate of registration of the industry.
  • Employee copies of appointment letters, qualifications, and experience certificates.
  • List of machinery, tools, and accessories needed for repair work. 
  • Two passport size photographs.
  • Copy of GST registration certificate.
  • Valid labor license.
  • Copy of Professional tax registration certificate.
  • NOC from the competent authority.
  • Document proof of ownership/lease agreement of premises.
  • Incorporation documents (for proprietorship/partnership or company).
  • Test weights purchase bill (for new verification certificate).

For Dealer 

  • Identity and residential proof.
  • Manufacturing license (if importing from outside the state).
  • Letter of consent from the manufacturer.
  • GST registration/professional tax/labor license.
  • Two passport size photographs.
  • Model approval certificate of weights and measures.
  • Documentary proof of ownership/lease agreement of premises.


How Can ApkaTax Assist you?

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What is the Legal Metrology Registration Fees?

Are you looking for Legal Metrology Registration Fees then here the details for you. The Legal Metrology Registration cost start from ₹10000 to ₹140000 along with Government Fee ₹0 and Professional Fee ₹0.

Steps Fees
Legal Metrology Registration Fee ₹10000 to ₹140000
Government Fee ₹0
Professional Fee ₹0



A Legal Metrology Registration Certificate is a document issued by the Legal Metrology Department of a country, ensuring compliance with measurement and weighing standards in commercial transactions. It verifies that instruments used for measurements, such as weighing scales, are accurate and meet legal requirements, promoting fair trade practices.


Entities involved in manufacturing, distribution, or sale of goods by weight, volume, length, or number in India are required to register under legal metrology laws. This includes manufacturers, packers, importers, and sellers to ensure compliance with standards and regulations regarding measurement accuracy and consumer protection.

To obtain a Legal Metrology Certificate in India, businesses must adhere to the Legal Metrology Act and Rules. They should apply to the Controller of Legal Metrology in their respective state with necessary documents, including the application form, fees, and relevant product details, for evaluation and certification.

The validity of a Legal Metrology Certificate typically ranges from one to five years, depending on the specific regulations and standards of the issuing jurisdiction. After expiry, the certificate must be renewed to ensure continued compliance with legal requirements regarding weights, measures, and standards.

Legal metrology ensures fair trade practices and consumer protection by regulating weights, measures, and weighing and measuring instruments. It establishes standards for accuracy and uniformity in measurements, safeguarding consumers from fraud and ensuring transparency and trust in commercial transactions.

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