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RNI Registration

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What is RNI Registration?

The owner must get an RNI registration number from the newspaper's registrar to start a newspaper, journal, or print publication in India. You must get approval from the registrar of the newspaper before opening a new newspaper, periodical, print, etc., business. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting regulates the rules and regulations of the RNI under the Press and Registration of Books Act 1867. The importance of RNI is given below: 

  • Keep records and maintain all newspaper registrations. 
  • Issue the certificates for all registered newspapers. 
  • Confirm the circulation claim and other non-statutory functions.


What are the Requirement for RNI Registration?

Any Indian or foreigner will set up a business in India related to newspapers, journals, magazines, etc. They must apply for online RNI registration on the official website, which is mandatory for all publication companies.  

Online RNI registration is required for the following publications : 

  • Indian Newspaper: If any person starts a business of an Indian or regional newspaper in India, it becomes necessary for the owner to get RNI registration. 
  • Editorial:  Any form of editorial requires an RNI number, including the newspaper. 
  • Foreign Newspaper: RNI registration is also mandatory for foreign newspapers. 
  • Magazine:  Any magazine in any language would need RNI registration in India. 


What is RNI Registration Responsibilities?

These are the responsibilities of RNI Registration in India: 

  • Registering Newspapers: RNI provides a certificate to newspapers that follow the rules.
  • Overlook Annual Reports: They check the yearly reports of the newspaper publishers to ensure they follow the Press and Registration of Books Act 1867.
  • Informing Authorities: They tell local leaders about available newspaper names for publishers to use when they declare their newspapers.
  • Ensuring Rules are Followed: RNI online registration ensures that newspapers are published according to the rules and regulations of the Press and Registration of Books Act of 1867.
  • Checking Circulation Numbers: They verify the number of copies a newspaper claims to circulate in their yearly reports.


RNI Registration Benefits

  • Title Security: Registering with RNI safeguards the title for publishers, which is essential in the publishing field.

  • Meeting Regulations: Any company publishing newspapers or magazines must follow the Press and Registration of Books Act and its rules.

  • Recognitions: Online RNI Registration recognizes the newspaper or publication business in India, validating its existence and work.

  • Protection from Claims: Registration offers protection against false claims regarding ownership and copyright issues from others.


What is RNI Registration Process?

  • Submission of the Application: Provide detailed information about your newspaper in an application.
  • Title Options: Give up at least five titles for your newspaper and explain why you chose these titles.
  • Title Eligibility Check: You must ensure that the words in the title meet all the essential criteria. 
  • District Magistrate's Verification: Your application verification is done by the District Magistrate and then forwarded to the RNI. 
  • Online Registration with RNI Authorities:
  • Declaration Validation: Verify your details using Form-I.
  • Separate Declarations: If applicable, you must submit different declarations.
  • First Issue Release: Publish the first issue within a timeline according to publication frequency.
  • Certificate Issuance: Once your application gets verified, the RNI grants a Certificate of Registration as proof of compliance.
  • Verification of Title:


What are Documents Required for RNI Registration?

Before Registration:

  • Title Verification Letter.
  • Validated declaration from District Magistrate.
  • Notarized affidavit for no foreign tie-up.
  • First issue copy.
  • Printer agreement and press details.

Company or Proprietorship Documents:

  • COI, MOA, AOA with director details.
  • Partnership Deed and PAN for partnerships.
  • Board resolution for companies.
  • ID and address proof of directors, partners, and proprietor.

After Registration:

  • Duly filled Form No. IV for the first issue.
  • Annual statement in FORM II by the end of May.


How Can ApkaTax Assist you?

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We provide thorough assistance and comprehensive service for getting your Online RNI Registration.

ApkaTax offers comprehensive support for the RNI Registration application process, including legal assistance based on the specific priorities of our clients.

Our dedicated support team ensures that our clients stay informed about the latest guidelines and updates regarding RNI Registration requirements and periodic inspections.


What is the Fees of RNI Registration?

Are you looking for RNI Registration Fees then here the details for you. The RNI Registration cost start from ₹10000 to ₹30000 along with Government Fee ₹ Nil and Professional Fee ₹ Nil.


RNI Registration Fee ₹10000 To ₹30000
Govt Fees Nil
Professional Fees Nil


The RNI manages a comprehensive Register of Newspapers, a repository curated by the Press Registrar.

The establishment of the RNI office started from the recommendations of the First Press Commission in 1954. It was proposed to create a statutory authority for gathering reliable statistics about the Indian press

You can verify the Registration Number by entering a sequence of 2 to 15 characters containing only letters, hyphens, and numbers.

RNI Registration offers many advantages: a. Ensures compliance with regulations. b. Safeguards against third-party claims. c. Protects the newspaper's title. d. Offers authentication and recognition.

The RNI undertakes various responsibilities: a. Maintains records of all newspaper registrations. b. Issues certificates for registered newspapers. c. Validates circulation claims and manages other non-statutory functions. d. Monitors the content published in newspapers.

The Press and Books Registration Act of 1867 oversees the launch and publication of new newspapers, magazines, or periodicals. It establishes the Registrar of Newspapers in India under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting as the regulatory authority.

Entities looking to publish newspapers or magazines must file for RNI registration. This includes those planning to publish their newspapers and individuals seeking to publish periodical magazines.

These are the Procedures for RNI registration: 1. Verification of Title a. Application Submission b. Title Options c. Title Eligibility Check d. District Magistrate's Verification 2. Registration with RNI Authorities a. Declaration Validation b. Separate Declarations c. First Issue Release d. Certificate Issuance

These documents are required for the RNI Registration: • ID proof • Address proof • No objection Certificate if the publication is foreign • Copy of a previous title, if any. • A passport-sized Photo.

There is no RNI registration cost required by the authority.

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