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Legal Metrology Manufacturing License

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What is Legal Metrology Manufacturer License?

The term ‘Legal Metrology’ means the rules and regulations governing the use of weighing and measuring instruments in conducting business. The Legal Metrology Department of states is responsible for implementing rules and granting licenses of different categories concerned with weights, measures devices, instruments and equipment. Legal Metrology Manufacturer License is a basic and key requirement for Manufacturers involved in the manufacturing of standardized weights and measures. 

In day to day business operations legal metrology is a system to ensure standardization, accuracy, fair trade practices and consumer protection. In this article we shall explore details of legal metrology Manufacturer registration, understanding its significance for Manufacturers, the processes involved and the benefits it brings to businesses. The Legal Metrology Manufacturer License is issued under the State Legal Metrology General Rules, 2011 of the Legal Metrology Enforcement Rules, 2010.


What is Eligibility Criteria for Legal Metrology Manufacturer License?

Before registering and getting their Legal Metrology Manufacturer Registration, manufacturers have to fulfill specific eligibility criteria. These criteria may vary based on the type of manufacturers and the nature of products they deal with. There are also certain documents required for the registration process, making it imperative for businesses to organize their paperwork efficiently. Following are some of the eligibility criteria for  Legal Metrology Manufacturer Registration:

  • Proof of Legal Possession: Before applying for the LMPC Manufacturer  License, the Manufacturer must keep handy documents of legal possession of premises, including Sale Deed, Rent Receipt, House Tax Receipt, or other documents, along with a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the property owner in case the property is a rented place. 
  • Minimum Area Criteria: The premises where the shop operates must be sufficient and appropriate. The manufacturing unit must be in the basement or ground level. In case of multistory building, the manufacturing unit can be at any level. 
  • Equipment Requirement: For Legal Metrology Manufacturer License, the applicant must fulfill all necessary equipment, tools, testing equipments and other related workshop tool requirements before proceeding license application and manufacturing. 
  • Constitution of the Firm: If the business is a Private Company or Limited Company, the Memorandum of Association (MOA) approved by the Ministry of Company Affairs, Government of India, is required. In case the business is not a proprietorship, the firm needs to furnish a copy of the Partnership Deed, duly attested by a Notary, First Class Magistrate, or Oath Commissioner. 
  • Site Plan: An applicant or Manufacturer is expected to provide a site plan of the premises, outlining the layout for further assessment. Along with site plan, manufacturer also need to provide the load sanctioned and installed certificate. 
  • Financial Status Proof: To engage in the manufacturing of weights and measures, the applicant must offer proof of their financial standing. The Licensing Authority will evaluate this before approving the Legal Metrology Manufacturer License.
  • Details of Equipment Produced: The manufacturer must provide a copy of document containing details of items to be manufactured at the proposed manufacturing unit.


What are the Benefits of Legal Metrology Manufacturer License?

Manufacturer registration under legal metrology is necessary for various reasons like: 

  • It Ensures Standardization and Accuracy.
  • It Promotes Fair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection.
  • It imposes legal obligations on Manufacturers thereby preventing malpractices that could harm consumers or create an unfair advantage in the market. 
  • It explores how technology is integrated into legal metrology practices.
  • It provides governmental support to Manufacturers and promotes collaboration between businesses and regulatory bodies.
  • It educates Manufacturers about new practices in legal metrology.
  • It measures the success of legal metrology implementation and makes way for continuous evaluation. 
  • It increases government revenue via various taxes.
  • Thus Legal Metrology Manufacturer Registration has various benefits and  non compliance can result in severe consequences which can range from fines to legal action that may tarnish a business's reputation.


What are the Documents Required for Legal Metrology Manufacturer License?

To start the application process for a Manufacturer License, the applicant must have a model approval certificate. The following documents must be submitted along with Form LM-1:

  • Two passport-sized photos of the applicant
  • Affidavit to confirm that applicant shall follow the rules and norms of the relevant Act, and the accuracy of provided details
  • Model Approval Certificate for the weights and measures to be manufactured
  • A complete list of machinery and tools
  • Address proof of the applicant
  • Ownership documents of the premises
  • If the premises is rented, a copy of the rent agreement is to be furnished. 
  • Copy of PAN


Business-related documents:

  • Incorporation Certificate, MOA, and AOA (for companies)
  • Registered document (for Partnership or Proprietorship Firm)
  • Site Plan of the premises
  • Registration Certificate of the industry
  • Copy of PAN
  • Professional Tax, GST Registration, or Labour License


What is the Procedure for Obtaining Legal Metrology Manufacturer License?

The process for obtaining a Legal Metrology Manufacturer License varies from state to state. However, the general procedure is as follows:

  • Submit an online application to the District Nodal Officer in the prescribed format, who shall forward the application to the, Inspector of Legal Metrology
  • Once the online application is received and verified, the Inspector will intimate a date and inspect the premises. After successful inspection he shall submit an inspection report regarding manufacturing capacity and components to the Assistant Controller of Legal Metrology 
  • The Assistant Controller will inspect the documents as well as the report of metrology Inspector and prepare a recommendation, thereafter he shall forward everything to the Controller or any other contempt  licensing authority
  • The Controller/Authorized Officer, will review the documents and the inspection report. If satisfied, they will communicate with the applicant for online payment of the application fees. 
  • Upon fee payment, the Manufacturer License signed digitally will be granted.

If a Manufacturer wishes to operate in multiple states, a separate Manufacturer License must be obtained for each state.


Renewal of LMPC Manufacturer License

Renewal of the Manufacturer License is required every 1 to 5 years and necessitates the submission of Form LD-2 along with specific documents.


What is the Legal Metrology Manufacturing License Fees?

Are you looking for Legal Metrology Manufacturing License Fees then here the details for you. The Legal Metrology Manufacturing License cost start from ₹25000 to ₹140000 along with Government Fee ₹0 and Professional Fee ₹0.

Steps Fees
Legal Metrology Manufacturing License Fee ₹25000 To ₹140000
Government Fee ₹0
Professional Fee ₹0



Any manufacturer of weights, measures, weighing or measuring instruments, or pre-packaged commodities in India must register with the Legal Metrology Department. This includes manufacturers of products like weighing scales, measuring tapes, cylinders, packaged food items, and much more.

There are three types of Legal Metrology registrations:

  • Manufacturer Registration: Required for manufacturers of weights, measures, weighing or measuring instruments.
  • Model Approval Registration: Needed for manufacturers of specific models of instruments requiring specific approval.
  • Packager Registration: Mandatory for manufacturers of pre-packaged commodities. 


The required documents vary depending on the type of registration but typically include:

  • Application form
  • PAN Card
  • Proof of identity
  • Factory layout plan
  • List of machinery and equipment
  • Technical specifications of products
  • Certificate of incorporation or partnership deed
  • Model Approval Certificate for the weights and measures to be manufactured
  • A complete list of machinery and tools
  • Address proof of the applicant
  • Ownership documents of the premises


The registration process involves:

  • Filing an application form with the Legal Metrology Department.
  • Submitting the required documents.
  • Paying the prescribed fee.
  • Inspection of the manufacturing facility by the department's officials.
  • Granting of registration certificate upon successful verification.


The processing time for registration can vary depending on the complexity of the application and the workload of the department. It typically takes 3-6 months.

Registered manufacturers are authorized to:

  • Manufacture and sell their products legally in India.
  • Obtain Model Approval Registration for specific instruments.
  • Apply for Packager Registration if applicable.
  • Enjoy certain government benefits and subsidies.


Non-registered manufacturers can face penalties, including:

  • Confiscation of products
  • Heavy fines
  • Imprisonment in severe cases


The Legal Metrology Manufacturer License is issued by the Controller of Legal Metrology Department of the state. 

Online registration facilities are currently not available nationwide. However, some states are piloting online registration systems. You can check with your local department for updates.

Yes, Legal Metrology registrations are valid for a specific period (usually five years) and need to be renewed when they expire. The renewal process is similar to the initial registration process. 

The duration varies by state, but typically, the process takes several weeks to months.

No, you need a separate license for each state.

The validity of license is a minimum of one year and a maximum of five years.

Failure to renew the license on time may result in the expiration of your license and you may need to reapply. 

Some small-scale businesses may be exempt, but it's crucial to check eligibility criteria.

Some industries may have specific regulations, so businesses should be aware of industry-specific requirements.

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