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Cyber Crime in India it's types and Legal Remedies

Cyber Crime, its types and Legal Remedies Everything You Need To Know

What is Cyber Crime?

The term Cyber crime indicates the crime which is committed by using computers and computer networks as a tool and AI as well. Nowadays AI is playing a key role in elevating Cyber crimes and frauds. 

How to deal with them according to the report “Crime in India” approximately 65,000 cases were  registered Under Cyber Crime in the last two years. With the evolution of technology to facilitate lives of humans there comes a threat which can set a crisis for society to tackle. 

What are the Types of Cyber Crime?

The type of cyber crime may be committed against as follows: 

Cyber Crime Against Person 

  • Defamation : It is an act by lowering the dignity of any person by way of hacking his social media accounts and posting inappropriate things about him. 
  • Cyber Stalking : It's an act chasing someone online or on social handles. It is done to threaten and frighten people for false accusations, and defamation. It may also include monitoring, identify theft etc. 
  • Hacking : Hacking is having unauthorised control or access over computers and networks 
  • SMS Spoofing : it's a new way of cheating and fraud by altering the number of senders.The name and contact may be identical from receivers contact list. 
  • Cheating and fraud : when a person with mala fide intention assumes to deceive another. 
  • Disseminating obscene material : it includes Indecent exposure and the publication, transmission of content that depicts child pornography, in electronic form 

Cyber Crime Against Property 

Crimes against the property are classified as follows: 

  • Cyber Trespass : like traditionally trespassing onto someone’s property be it house, farm etc. Trespassing in the era of internet is called cyber trespassing.Accessing someone’s computer without authority of the real owner. 
  • Copyright Infringement : Copyright is deemed to be a valuable security thus using someone’s creative work in the name of self is the infringement of that person’s right which is legally protected. 
  • Trademark, Patents, Designs : Using a service mark or trademark of someone’s is trademark infringement. Trademark is used in connection of goods and services. Design infringement is basically violation of appearance and articles of creativity of the person who registered his design. Patents infringement is regarded with the connection of inventions. The violation occurs when anyone used and sells the patent invention without the permission of authorised person of that patent 

Cyber Crime Against Government 

Crimes against government are as follows 

  • Cyber Terrorism : The most panicked act that can be committed against the government.Which can caused the nation in danger.Cyber Terrorism includes hacking the government sites, military sites and leaking the official and confidential information which may threat national Security. 



Recently, there has been news in bulk covering the cases of Cyber Crimes. It is way better not to share your personal information to anyone or on any social media handles. Although  Not everyone is a victim of Cyber attack. but they may be at higher risk.  While securing the rights of people, the legislature has provided acts to cope with such cases and safeguards the rights of citizens.

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