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How to Start Aloe Vera Gel Manufacturing Business?

How to Start Aloe Vera Gel Manufacturing Business? Everything you need to know

Set up your own factory

Do you want to start your own business but don't know which one to do and how to start it. No problem, we ApkaTax will try to help you in this dilemma. You just need to take serious steps in this matter, only then you will be able to succeed. If you are thinking of doing business then you should think about starting an aloe vera gel factory.

Aloe vera gel is used extensively in beauty products and health issues. Hence, its market demand has also increased. If you want to start your own business, you can set up a factory to process aloe vera gel. This is a business that gives profits of not lakhs but crores. For this, you will have to set up an aloe vera gel manufacturing unit.

They are encouraging people to buy houses. Hence, they give some discount in interest rates on home loans. Aloe vera gel can actually be prepared from aloe vera leaves. It is mostly used in skin care products. According to the report of Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), the project cost for setting up an aloe vera gel manufacturing unit will be Rs 24.83 lakh.

Out of this, you will have to invest Rs 2.48 lakh from your own pocket, you can take a loan for the remaining cost. You can take advantage of the government's Mudra Loan Scheme. After arranging about Rs 2.5 lakh, you will get a term loan for the remaining Rs 19.35 lakh and Rs 3 lakh will be financed for working capital.

To start the business, you will have to do GST Registration and Udyam Registration, what brand name you want to keep. Along with this, you can also get it trademarked. Once you set up a factory for this business, you can soon start earning up to Rs 13 lakh annually. According to an estimate, by following the entire process and making inroads in the market, you can earn a profit of about Rs 4 lakh in the first year.

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